Life after Wasafi: Harmonize releases his first single after quitting Wasafi

Bongo music fans can now rest after Harmonize released the much-awaited video, Uno.

This is Harmonize’s first video after ditching Wasafi Record label (WCB) owned by Diamond Platinumz.

Harmonize, whose real name is Rajab Abdul Kahali, has started his own label dubbed Konde Music Worldwide Records.

After releasing the audio over two weeks ago, the audio hit over 1M views on YouTube, keeping tongues wagging on when the video will be out.

The video, a masterstroke by Hanscana (Godfather), features Zari Hassan, Diamond’s former wife, with the lyrics mentioning how Diamond’s waist made Zari “lose weight.” Harmonize, alias Konde Boy, also mentions how his waist has love-stricken his Italian girlfriend Sarah Michelotti

Diamond also appears at some point in the video. You can watch it here.

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