Don’t lend him money, KOT advise Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates and President Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyans on Twitter have taken it a notch higher to express their disappointments in the loans the government has been borrowing.

On Wednesdays, November 13, Melinda Gates posted her photo with President  Uhuru Kenyatta thanking him for hosting the 25th International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD).

The conference was held in Nairobi and it attracted more than 6, 000 world leaders, scholars, advocates, and faith leaders. The conference called for action to end maternal deaths, stop gender based violence and meet demand for family planning in 10 years.

However, Kenyans have reacted to the post by showing their disappointment towards the government. Many replied to the tweet by advising Melinda not to give the president more loans.

“Please don’t give him any money,” read most of the tweet replies.

Sample of the tweets

This clearly indicates how the citizens are overwhelmed by the economic situation in the country

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