Francis Atwoli’s road signage gets rebuild

Photos obtained online show the Francis Atwoli road signage being replaced. This is after the post was burnt down by unidentified persons this morning.


The county government has shown relentlessness in ensuring the Francis Atwoli road signage stays erect and in place regardless of the number of attempts to bring it down. The renaming of Dik Dik road to Francis Atwoli road faced a lot of opposition from Kenyans who thought the COTU secretary-general did not deserve the fete.

Following the alleged reconstruction of the post, Kenyans have taken to social media to voice their disgust with the Nairobi county government for wasting hard-earned state income in the form of taxes on misplaced priorities.

“Instead of focusing on helping hunger striken communities they are busy replacing a sign.” Read one comment.

A section of particularly infuriated netizens has termed the action of rebuilding the road signage as a vanity as it will still be brought down. They have also alluded that the rebuilding of the post is the only form of employment Francis Atwoli has ever created for the youths.

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