After Promising To Support The LGBTQ Community, Xtian Dela Comes Up With a New Manifestation

Xtian Dela is a popular blogger here in Kenya now turned politician eyeing the Westlands seat. After he had promised to support the LGBTQ community, he has managed to come up with a second manifestation on  how he is going to assist Nairobi workers in case Westlands votes will elect him as their next MP in 2022.


He says that Nairobi County makes at least 90M Shilings from hawkers monthly. Since most of the hawkers are young people and sometimes students too. His first important item on his manifesto is introducing a bill in parliament that will abolish all those certificates and bribes young people are forced to pay just to run businesses.

Most young people are hawkers, not because they want to be in the streets but because this government has made it a nightmare for the young people to start businesses. So that’s why he is going not the parliament to fight for the  real young people of Kenya forced to be hawkers.After he opened up about supporting the LGBTQ community, many Kenyans were not happy with him and it got him trolled.

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