All Eyes on the President as the budget is Set to be Read Tomorrow.

Even as the budget is set to be read tomorrow, Kenyans have raised their concerns to the office of the president in the hope that money will be allocated fairly. According to a source from one of Kenya’s local channels, this is going to be the biggest budget in the history of the nation. Ksh 1.97 trillion is expected to come from collecting taxes and Ksh 1.63 trillion from loans.

Generally, the state has realized a reduction in its expenditure. Markedly the president has been urged to check on further reduction of government expenditure and cut down on unnecessary money allocations. In addition, citizens have urged the government to cut down on loans as the country is already sinking in debts. There have also been concerns on deficit thus to increase state income, the government has been advised to major on exports instead of imports. The source also revealed that infrastructure, KRA, and the education sector will reap big from the allocations.  Kenyans rest in the hope that there will also be a tax review to cushion their financial situation that sunk due to covid 19.

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