BEAUTY & BRAINS: Meet Elizabeth Marami Kenya’s 1st Marine pilot

Elizabeth Marami is one woman whose life story is full of inspiration and hard work. Why? The 28 year-old, is charting the path less travelled and breaking gender barriers as a marine pilot.

Elizabeth Marimi

Elizabeth’s petite frame belies her strength of character and drive. The reason she chose this particular career path was that she wanted to pursue something that would challenge her.

Elizabeth Marimi

She studied the 5 year navigation course in Alexandria, Egypt. Elizabeth is now a second officer in command. Her job entails leading foreign ships when they come into Kenya’s territorial waters.

The dynamics in her industry are such that there is a huge gender disparity, with women only making up 1 to 2 percent of the sea-faring workforce.

Elizabeth Marimi

Her experience with the men she works with has been great as they encourage her to achieve her goals. Her other dream career apart from being a marine pilot would have been working in the fashion industry.

One problem the pilot feels she has encountered is that she has been rejected by various companies in her quest to meet the board requirements for 18 months of sea time so that she can graduate to become a captain.

Elizabeth Marimi

Companies she says are afraid of getting into sexual harassment (legal) suits so they prefer not to hire women. But she still hopeful as that her time to become a captain will come. And all we can do is hope and pray with her.

Elizabeth Marimi

Check out more pictures of the pretty and diligent marine pilot:

Elizabeth MarimiElizabeth Marimi Elizabeth Marimi

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