COTU Sec Gen Francis Atwoli Responds To Rumours Claiming He Married a 23 Year Old Girl Over The Weekend

On Monday, a rumour went around on social media and some blogs that Atwoli had married a 23 year old Muslim girl over the weekend.


It was a rumour that was started by an unidentified Twitter user. The COTU Sec Gen has denied such Claims saying that he has no reason to hide while marrying a new wife. “That is a lazy rumour from some idle Kenyan. ” He says that he was at the Coast with his wife Mary Kilobi Atwoli, who is a media personality whom he married sometimes back. He goes ahead and says that in any case there is no problem in marrying but if he has to do that, he will do it publicly not hiding from anyone as it had been said in the rumour. When he married Mary, many Kenyans reacted because of their age difference, saying that he is too old for her. Based on how they treat each other, they seem to be so in love with each other.


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