DCI Saves a young boy that got kidnapped by a houseboy

A family is currently overjoyed after DCI managed to save a young boy named Liam Ngucwa Mwangi, who went missing on June 2nd in Murang’a , has been rescued by detectives.

It is believed that the young boy got kidnapped by his grandparents houseboy and was found at house in Naivasha. This comes after the parents went through tears and anguish for a good five days before they were able to get their child back. The son has been last seen in Thika, in the company of one Charles King’ori who was their houseboy. The detectives are still pursuing baby Liam’s captors, who escaped narrowly moments before the rescue. The parents to the young child couldn’t hide their joy after thinking of the worst happening to their child.


Investigations are currently ongoing for the purpose of searching the suspects.

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