Vandals who set Atwoli’s road signage on fire praised by netizens

Netizens have applauded the “bold” Kenyans who burned down Francis Atwoli’s road signage.  This is after irate residents of Dik Dik road set the road signage on fire. The incident is reported to have occurred at dawn.

The vandals have received praise in abundance as Kenyans have taken to social media. Their actions, which have been termed as brave and daring. Other netizens have urged Kenyans to learn from that unidentified group and use that type of relentlessness in the fight against corruption and criminal leaders.

The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) secretary-general Francis Atwoli was honored last month by the Nairobi city governor who renamed Dik Dik road after him, consequently changing the road from Dik Dik road to Francis Atwoli road.

However, this move by the Nairobi city governor was not pleasing to a section of Kenyans. It lead to a massive social media uproar where netizens argued that Francis Atwoli was undeserving of the fete. A particularly displeased group of Nairobians went ahead and uprooted the signage a few days after it was erected.

Following that incident, Atwoli furiously warned Kenyans against tampering with his road signage. The COTU secretary general vowed to take legal action against anyone caught trying to bring the signage down. He then went ahead and employed full-time guards to ensure the signage remained erect.

However, an unknown group of people has today succeeded in permanently destroying the road signage. Photos taken at the scene indicate that the post was burnt using tyres and kerosene. Netizens have reacted with humourous comments hailing the vandals for their “act of bravery”.



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