Fridah Kajala and Daughter Paula To Start a Mom and Daughter Reality TV Show

Source Instagram

Kajala, who is Harmonize’s ex, is also a well known actress in Tanzania . She is also a mother to one teenage daughter named Paula, who is Rayvanny’s alleged new lover.

Source Instagram

Kajala and get daughter Paula have been nthe topic in most media outlets especially on entertainment. The two actually look more of sisters more than mother and daughter. From having fun moments together, something that many parents cannot actually do. They also sometimes match clothing making them look like sisters. Kajala and her daughter Paulah have actually surprised many after taking to their social media to let their fans know that they are meant to start a new channel. Whereby they wrote, “Mom & daughter ‘ like twins’ lifestyle reality show coming soon on your TV. Something that their fans can’t wait for. Since it will open new opportunities to them.

Source Instagram


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