Gilbeys Kenya issues statement on the viral video of girl gulping down a whole bottle

Gilbeys has issued a statement advocating for responsible drinking. This is following a video that went viral yesterday showing an unidentified girl gulping down a whole Gilbeys bottle on her own.

Additionally, the company in its statement discouraged binge drinking terming it as harmful and health threatening. They have clearly indicated that as a company they do not condone the actions seen the video as it goes against their campaigns.

In defence, Gilbeys has also stated that they have precautionary information clearly indicated on all their packaging.

The video captures the girl sitting on a chair with someone pouring the drink down her throat. In the background, friends can be heard cheering her on as she shows her drinking prowess.

However, all went down the drain when the girl started loosing conscienceness. According to social media reports, the girl was rushed to hospital.

There are rumours allover social media that she lost here life after consuming the drink which was reported to have a 40% alcohol content. However, those claims remain to be just that as her death has not been confirmed.

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