Goals! Rotimi takes Vanessa Mdee to his office

Goals ama mabao? For few, Wednesday is Women’s Crush Wednesday but for most of us, it’s a normal workday. Meet the power couple Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi who’s Wednesday is a romantic work Wednesday, sounds a deal doesn’t it?

The Tanzanian songbird decided to accompany Rotimi to the office today and she never failed to flaunt about it on her Instagram page. We wish them the very best in their courtship. Rotimi is one of the rising movie stars in the US. He has played a snitch role pretty well in 50 Cent’s Power, where he would do anything to ensure he stays out of trouble.

Rotimi, who’s real name is Olurotimi Akinosho, has a Nigerian descent. Born in New Jersey, he studied communication at Northwestern University. His first stab in acting was a drug dealer in Boss (Darius Morrison). In Starz’ TV series Power, Rotimi plays the role of Andre Coleman, a Ghost wannabe of some sort.



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