Is Akothee missing her baby daddies?

Akothee's sons and their dad Dominic


He who finds love finds a good thing but what happens when you lose love?

Local artiste and business lady Esther Akoth alias Akothee seems to be missing her baby daddies. This has been evident through her post and stories throughout the week.

In most of her posts, the artiste made emotional captions about her baby daddies and urged single mothers to keep peace with their baby daddies no matter the hardships they go through.

On an Instagram post two days ago, the mother of five reposted her daughter Veshashaillan’s picture with her look-alike dad caiming she never raised her children to disobey their dads no matter how much deadbeat they were.


“… I have raised my children knowing forgiveness is divine” part of her captions read. She also stated that she never allowed the bitterness of single motherhood to overwhelm her admitting that sometimes the bills hit her left and right.

The 39 year old mom who stays in a posh home in Migori county- ‘Rongo Spa’, explained that she always stayed sober and calm knowing very well that her children are not the cause of her suffering and neither are their dads.

“…if the relationship didn’t work between us, it didn’t work for him too. Respect family values, a child has only one biological father and mother, take your love triangle elsewhere and raise your children in peace without subjecting them to hate their father or mother,” another part read.

On another instance Yesterday, the manager of Akothee Safaris posted her white baby daddy Dominic with her two sons Oyoo and Ojwang’.

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The post had long emotional captions describing a supportive baby daddy despite them divorcing four years ago.

“…the man who packs my suitcase, still hugs me, cooks for me, drops and picks me up from the train station, still books my flights, hotels and expects nothing in return,” it read.

Through her post, it was also evident that despite being the father of her youngest son, he houses the two boys and treats them well. He also appreciates the existence of the three other girls. What caught my attention is the claims that he still calls her ‘mpenzi wangu’ despite the differences eventhough he won’t take her back. Well, we can’t judge neither, love is a complicated school of emotions and confusion.

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