Justice for JKUAT students

After seeing the viral video of police brutality in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, I’m stuck asking myself where humanity went.

Throught this year, University students have been striking over numerous issues among them hike of fees, insecurity etc. What aggreavates me by the strikes is not the sought for justice but the response the students get.

Most Universities hire policemen to cool off the situations but students end up getting brutally beaten and injured and in few cases, some are killed. Is this really fair to comrades? To flame it all, the universities get closed only for students to be called back and largely finned without their issues getting addressed. Where did the comrade power go? Actually what is the essence of the strikes if solutions can’t be found?

I’m glad the interior CS ordered action against the policemen who brutally beaten a student and others who will be found guilty of related cases but as  that happens, it’s high time universities get means of conflict ressolutions and addressing students issues. It’s enough with the inhumanity.

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