Kalenjin movie premiers in Eldoret

The first movie ever produced in Kalenjin is set to hit the screens this weekend, Uhondo can reveal.

Ngeba Gaa (Let’s go home) highlights tensions between families that rarely get attention from the mainstream media.

Scripted by award-winning Joan Rispa Kiragu and directed by Bii Cosmas in Eldoret, the movie displays a father-daughter strained relationship after she completes her university education.

“We pride ourselves as the first movie ever produced in Kalenjin,” said Mr Cosmas.

The Plot

Chemesunde (played by Connie Jepkirui) has just cleared her university studies. She comes back home because she feels her education cannot easily land her a job. She feels she’d rather hustle from home and get a living but her dad Mzee Maina (played by Francis Kemei) feels she ought to have found a way of fending herself away from home or rather found a fiancée. He feels like his input towards her education to be a lawyer was like pouring money into a sewer.

“It is no secret that graduates or students in college find the environment at home unwelcoming hence would rather stay away even during holidays rather than go home,” added Mr Cosmas.

Uhondo’s Take

The movie is minimalist in terms of production, model, storyline and visual presentation. It falls under the realist tradition through its depiction of the fate of many college graduates who have no otherwise but to return home after school in a society that has few employment opportunities.

Ngeba Gaa is set to premiere tomorrow at the 2nd edition of the Eldoret Film Festival.  The movie also features as part of its cast Overcomer James, famous for his role as a con politician in the film MCA Bonoko, and Kelvin Kipruto. Other key players in the production were Lydiah Sang, Dylan Habil, Mathew Meli, and Papa Joe.



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