Kenyans on Twitter react to census results

A summary of the census results

The long-awaited census results are here. The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics released the results on Monday and as you could have guessed, Kenyans took it on Twitter to highlight some issues about the results.

First, women are more than men in the country, but not by double figures that men have always used to justify their clandestine relationships.

Secondly, these are just estimates and therefore there is always a margin of error.

Arguably one of the most active groups on Twitter in the world, Kenyans commented on a number of issues touching on the 2017 elections,  dating, and infidelity issues, as well as jokes on Kisii men, who for a period of time, have branded themselves as bedroom gurus.

Here is a sample of these tweets

Among them was a Kenyan who tried explaining to men that the gender ratio is almost equal and due to the increasing number of lesbians, there are no clear reasons for infidelity. Another group questioned Kisii men on the slow population growth in Kisii Counties claiming that they are bedroom gurus who should deliver results, lol, Kenyans are taking it to another level of craziness.

In another circumstance, another citizen questioned President Uhuru Kenyatta by asking if he really opened the election servers before releasing the census results.



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