Ladies in the KE turning into lesbians in droves!

Is there a truth to the common saying that in every female there is a hidden lesbian? The current state of affairs in the kenya has been termed as alarming as the number of lesbians is on the rise. A source at one of Kenya’s universities revealed that the “habit” begins in high school. She went on to explain that it starts with peer pressure and/or curiosity. Which then leads to experimentation. and alas! An awakened sexuality.

At the high school level, these interactions are secret. but, when these ladies get to campus and meet with unlimited freedom they become more courageous in showing their sexuality. Markedly, female couples at the university are at liberty to be in love publicly with close to zero fear of being trolled. At present, there are bars and restaurants in Nairobi which operate solely as hook-up points for lesbians. These businesses offer the convenience and location where girls can find there mates or meet fellow ladies who share their sexual orientation.

Another source revealed that it is not difficult for a lady to ask and convince another lady to kiss. She went on to explain that several ladies won’t feel grossed by the deed. As lesbian sightings kep on surgingone question comes to mind; Have the Kenyan men lost their wooing skills?

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