Linda Aoko, lady who Bridget Achieng’ accused of leaking her private videos breaks silence

Bridget Achieng’, who is a Kenyan socialite and a mother to one adorable son is currently not in peace after her private videos and nudes got leaked on the internet. All this happened to her after she had decided to get into war between co-wives, Amira and Amber Ray who are Jimal’s first and second wife respectively.

The woman who Bridget Achieng’ accused of being responsible of leaking her nudes has denied all the claims. Saying that she is no pimp and also denied being behind the video. A day after the video were leaked, she had taken to her social media and accused Bridget Achieng’ to be someone who uses her body to get money.

When they lived together with Linda, they used to share responsibilities but when Bridget decided to leave, she was already owing her and when she asked for it, it became a problem, and that was when they started hating each other. Although what happened was extreme to be something about money.

She defends herself while speaking to popular blogger Edgar saying that Bridget knows that she can never do that and respects everyone who respects themselves. Linda is currently in Nigeria where she says she us working at.

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