Man narrates the agonizing tale of his wife’s illness

A man, going by the name Bahati has narrated the agonizing tale of how his life took a sudden twist. He has narrated that he has been taking care of his ill wife for over a year. His agony began after his wife delivered their second child.

According to the tale that has gone viral, Bahati met his wife when they were still young. Regardless of their ages, they decided to tie the knot and moved in together to start the exciting life of the married.

Bahati narrates how blessed they felt when his wife got pregnant with their firstborn child. They felt even more blessed when she got pregnant with their second child. However, their joy was short-lived as his wife developed complications during her second pregnancy.

The agonized father and husband claims that his wife started complaining of labour pains when she was seven months pregnant. At the hospital, she was given painkillers and told to wait for the baby to be full-term.

Sadly, his wife’s pain didn’t stop and the doctors decided to do a C-Section to get the baby out. After the operation, she immediately went into a coma that lasted six months.

Bahati claims that because he was unable to clear the hospital bills, his wife got discharged with tubes still attached to her. Since then he has been taking care of his wife at home. The father of two has been carrying his wife for more than a year since she lost her motor skills.

“I have been carrying my sick wife for a year, I will not give up on my dying wife.”

He has reached out to the government and well-wishers to help him save his wife.


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