Maverick Aoko Otieno puts up strong argument against netizens in defense of her kikuyu bae

Aoko Otieno, who came into fame for being the female who is against feminism has had a lot of fights with netizens for simply being anti-feminism. Today she faces yet another fight in her stand against women not “fending for themselves” and using the organ between their legs as a source of income. In the trending post about Bridget Achieng, a Kenyan socialite whose pictures when in the nude went viral, Aoko alleged that Bridget was fat and not thick.

Her comment was taken as offensive in the line of body shaming a fellow sister. Some started a comparison between Aoko and Bridget calling on netizens to vote. In response, Aoko shared a video of herself at the gym where she tweeted that she works out to keep fit and to look her age. Netizens however did not stop at comparing her body to that of the curvy Bridget. Some comments called her off for talking ill about women when in over 30 years she has not been able to bag a man. Instead, she has 3 kids with no husband(s) to show for it.

The Kenyan writer in her defense tweeted that she indeed has a fiance who hails from Naivasha. This fiance is allegedly the most intelligent man Aoko has ever met and she loves him not only for his sharp wits but also for his prowess in bed. Additionally, in response to some comments that she is “unable” to handle men from the luo tribe where she hails from she responded that it took her three dates to know that her fiance was a kikuyu because he had no accent to sell him off and even after she found out, she was already too sold out herself. Aoko then went ahead to praise him and his genitalia in several tweets disregarding the common belief that kikuyu pipes are the weakest link.

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