Meet a doctor who throws stones

One of the impetuses of some human behavior is something called the “fight or flight response” (also known as the acute stress response). This is the psychology term that describes one of the ways we can react when under stress. For Dr Bonnie Khalwale, he chose to fight. Stone for stone? Definitely.

In the just-concluded Kibra by-elections, the former senator was captured in videos and pictures throwing back stones to the rowdy youths in Kibra yesterday minutes later before he addressed the press reporting that the elections were fair even though ODM had mobilized youths to beat him up.

Khalwale, a medical doctor by profession, never failed to catch our eyes. He met a big unwelcoming blow from a rowdy youth who blocked him with shouts of ‘Toka! Toka!’ on his way to Kibera’s Laini Saba to supervise the ongoing by-election. Sooner they started throwing stones to him which made him seek a means of survival. For him, stones were enough for the acute stress response.

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