Netizens show their disgust at the judicial system for releasing a murder suspect on bail

photo courtesy; DCI (twitter)

Netizens have shown their disgust at the judiciary terming it as the weakest link in the fight against crime. This is following a tweet by the DCI where they tweeted that the man responsible for the murder of Fr. Michael Maingi Kyengo has been re-arrested by detectives. The suspect, Michael Mutunga, had been arrested and brought into custody as the main suspect when he was found with crucial exhibits that linked him to the crime. However, due to events that the DCI have termed as “unbelievable”, Michael was released on a 300,000 cash bail when he was arraigned at the Embu court of law.

After his release, Michael immediately went into hiding forcing a manhunt to be launched against him when he failed to appear in court. According to the DCI, detectives managed to smoke him out of his hiding this afternoon and took him into custody. Netizens, however, were not entirely thrilled by this revelation as they lunged at the judiciary calling it weak and more interested in politics. They termed state laws as wanting due to poor judicial decisions. This is following a comment that a murder suspect, should not be released until the case has been solved. Another commented that it will not come as a surprise if the suspect is released again.


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