No testing Kits for Covid-19 in Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Over the past few days focus has shifted from Nairobi to kisumu as the lake side city is now the epitome of corona virus cases.  The county boss H.E Nyong’o has confirmed that mortality rates have increased from 12% last year to 14% this year. Markedly, the county has registered a big rise in covid 19 cases and is predicted to register more in this month of June. Even as the disease surges, the county has come out lacking as the designated testing point Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Refferal Hospital seems to have run out of testing kits. Residents have been sighted sitting around waiting to be tested but without the kits that has not been possible. This leads to the belief that there could be more cases of infection that have not been reported as residents can’t get tested.

Residents who tested positive earlier are in fear of loosing their jobs. This is because those who have completed their 14 days of quarantine cannot test again to get the very needed certificate after a negative result. They are fearful that their employers may not hold their positions any longer and they may find themselves jobless. Blames have then piled on the county government for not taking enough measures. A source from one of Kenya’s local channels stated that kisumu residents live as though there is no life threatening virus as a big section walk around freely without masks.

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