Opinion: Let Ezekiel Mutua do his job

Towards the end of last week, music group Ethic released a controversial video, Tarimbo, that caused a lot of stirs on social media. Then, Timmy Tdat, followed with Vitamin U, a music video that you will be embarrassed to watch alone, leave alone watching it with your loved ones. The two videos reached the ears of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) czar Dr Ezekiel Mutua, who reached out to Google to take down the two debaucherous videos. Luckily, Google took the issue seriously and removed the videos from YouTube.

Truth be told, the two videos were sickening to watch. For Mutua, people have always picked fights with him, with some saying that he is killing creativity in the country’s entertainment scene. I think Mutua is the most misconstrued public figure and before we delve into that, let us look at the mandate of his job.

KFCB boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua wrote to Google to take down two debaucherous music videos.

The KFCB, a parastatal, is charged with the mandate of regulating content in the country. Under the Films and Stage Act, KFCB is empowered to ensure content does not break the moral fibre of the country. Therefore, when Mutua is taking the initiative of talking to Google to take down controversial content, he is just doing his job.

Do I think sometimes he overdoes his job? Heck yeah! Like I remember him being drawn to the Akothee controversy. This is something he should have avoided, but that is a story for another day.

As a country, we have morals that we must uphold. If it takes Mutua to orchestrate the ban of dirty lyrics and debauchery, let it be. Some people have labeled Mutua the moral policeman because of his stance on dirty content in music videos and films. With our youth being involved in some crazy life choices and escapades, I think we need more Mutuas to always remind us and keep us on track.

For musicians in Kenya, you do not have to release dirty and dissipated music videos to sell. Some artistes like Nameless, Nyashinski, just to mention a few, do not bank on controversial music to sell. Crossing the border to Tanzania, Ali Kiba is still a top artiste and his music is something one can listen to with his children. Can you imagine watching Vitamin U and your parent walks in?

At the end of the day, we will be judged by how responsible we were. The choices you make now will affect how you grow moving forward and this will be reflected by our society.


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