Senior EABL sales officer faces charges of injuring lover’s husband

Victor Mwende Luti at Kibera law courts

Victor Mwende Luti, a senior EABL sales offficer has been accused of causing injury to his lover’s husband. According to officials, Luti had parked his car outside his lover’s home in Westlands when her husband arrived. The husband, who is a city businessman knew about the shady business going on between Luti and his wife. On seeing Luti, he went to confront him and attempted to open the door of his car. Instead of stepping out, Luti ignited his car and drove off dragging the business man who was still holding on to the door.

After a distance estimated to have been 300 meters, Luti suddenly stopped the car. He then stepped out of the car and allegedly attacked his lover’s husband with a metal rod. Barasa, the business man is said to have attained injuries on the head and arms. When arrained in Kibera law court, Luti pleaded not guilty and was released on a sh.200,000 surety bond and an alternative cash bail of sh.80,000. The case is scheduled to be mentioned in June 26.

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