Stivo Simple Boy’s new song highlights societal malpractices

Stivo Simpleboy

In this era where Gengetone is taking control of the Kenyan music industry, surviving as a contemporary upcoming artiste becomes hard. However Stivo Simple Boy has proven to be smart in his game.

The known Mihadarati hitmaker just dropped a new hit ‘inauma but itabidi uzoe’ and trust me, the hit is fire.

Though the upcoming artiste had shown interest in working with big names in the industry, he decided to work with local talents from his residence Kibera. The song features one talented Byzo the Baddest and two dance crews; the Angaza Kidz Foundation and Acidic dance crew.

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In his song Stivo highlights different issues among them pretentious religious practices and infidelity in families.”Gospel imekua industry, maana beef feki wanaspoil ministry inakua ngumu kuelewa….kuna baridi umekosana na mchumba wako, mtoto wako afanana na jirani yako” highlights parts of his song.

The artiste says he got the inspiration to write the song through an interview where he was asked how he feels about Kenyans joking about his appearance and tolling around with memes but his answer was simply ‘inauma but itabidi uzoe.’

Though everyone expected Stivo to absorb the negativity around, he chose to get inspired. With his improving rapping styles each time, the young talent seems to be getting closer to the light.

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