Taita Taveta: Residents Demanding for a Resident judge.

Residents in Taita Taveta have come up to demand that a  judge be allocated to them. This is because the county lacks a resident judge and they are dependent on a judge from their bordering county Mombasa who comes once a month. the residents are concerned that they wait too long for verdicts to be issued. A resident commented that cases take an outrageous amount of time to be solved and they are not always satisfied with the results. He went on to explain that whenever a case is introduced the current judge gets replaced before a verdict is given. The new one then takes time to familiarize with the case and might get replaced before the case is closed.

Their major concern is the possibility of a rise in crime.  This is because guilty people are left to roam free for too long. After all, they are innocent until proven guilty. Residents are concerned that as the criminals roam free, there is little stopping them from committing more crimes as they await conviction. They have then challenged the newly appointed CS to assign them a resident judge who will be placed permanently in the county.

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