Ugandan preacher rejoices following the death of T.B.Joshua

Jackson Senyonga and T.B.Joshua (Facebook)

Jackson Senyonga, a preacher of the Christian Life Church was caught in a video rejoicing over the death of Nigereia’s preacher T.B.Joshua. In the video that went viral, he is heard breaking the news of T.B.Joshua’s death and says “somebody shout alleluya”. The video caught his congregation giving a loud round of applause in response.

Senyonga alluded that the late T.B.Joshua had been conducting human sacrifices and not helping the poor. He went on to express his joy over the demise of the Nigerian preacher saying that it was an answer to his prayers. During the church service, he claimed that the death of T.B. Joshua should not be a saddening situation. Instead it should be rejoiced upon as God has revenged the lives taken by the late Nigerian preacher.

“I told you God is going to overcome battles. I want to take it as victory. One person, if he has been killing a thousand people. He thinks his life is better than the lives of a thousand people who died?”

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