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Churchill show comedian cum co-host has received online insult due to his lose joke referring to a member of the audience as a sponsor.

Jesse on his side thought it was a joke when he said “some people’s faces are quite personal. No one could wish to engage them in any conversation”.

The camera person thereafter zoomed in an elderly man from the audience and his photo appeared right on the screen leading to other audience laugh at him.

The incident happened in Nakuru during the One Laugh Tour. This is a segment where the show is recorded in different locations in the country.

Online audience however did not take the joke and really roasted the comedian.

“This show has totally failed, how can one pay to laugh and end up being laughed at? He is the age of Jesse’s dad. I didn’t like that joke, said Micah Jonah.

John Kariuki said that it was a nasty joke and Jesse needed to apologies to the elderly man. Another facebook user Julie Arielle said, “I gave up on Churchill Show. The jokes are repetitive”.

“Churchill show should go for a crisis meeting because; these days most of the comedians aren’t doing comedy as before. It is full of tribal and stereotyping jokes which makes other people feel so bad,” added Nicholas Rono

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