woman tears boyfriend’s academic papers after he refused to send her salon money

A woman in Kericho county has torn her boyfriend’s academic papers into pieces after he refused to send her money to go to the salon.

Word on the street is that the estranged girlfriend who was identified as Brenda Cherono stormed into her boyfriend’s house and went straight for his papers.

The boyfriend, George Mukua, has since reported her to the officials. However, Brenda has been reported to have gone into hiding and is proving to be sly as she is still at large. According to officials, a manhunt has been launched to locate and bring her into custody.

Her actions have garnered a lot of reactions. The majority have shown disgust with her action arguing that salon money can never be remotely equal to the value of academic papers. Others have taken the opportunity to remind members of the female gender that they need to work to afford their hair expenditures to avoid ruining the lives of young men.


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